A photo-driven
PIM for multichannel

Kingdam brings product photo producing tools for everyone. Shoot your products with your phone or professional devices, and share photos directly to your e-commerce or other information systems.

An agile way to manage product photos

Kingdam photo producing app is designed for all product owners and e-commerce managers who have the need to produce and manage product photos, and publish them in different channels with ease.

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Does your company have photos of all your products?

Almost every e-commerce has products being sold without photos. Selling photoless products is really hard on internet. The lack of photos is usually the result from slow and expensive photo production and release process.

Kingdam solves the problem by bringing product photo shooting to everyone’s mobile phone. Now everyone can be a professional photographer. Maintenance of e-commerce, product photos and product information has never been as easy as now. From now on product photos and information are always up to date.

Automatize product photo management to information systems

Kingdam’s modern integrations allow product photo management and distribution with photo production process and your other information systems such as eCom, ERP, PDM, PLM, DAM or PIM.

Kingdam’s web service integrates seamlessly to photo editing services and enables the utilization of information process automation. Kingdam offers plugins and ready-made integrations for various e-commerces and IT systems. In addition, you can develop your own integration with well our documented JSON API.

The new age of illumination

Kingdam researches and develops modern ways to illuminate products and spaces. The tools and practises which were utilized by only professional product photographers are now available for every product owner and e-commerce.

The learning lightning solution helps product owners to build optimal lighting spaces, and control them by mobile application in a centralized manner. Now everyone can shoot professional product photos in their own premises.

The first Kingdam™ lights will be published in 2018.

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